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Spare Parts

Original Spare Parts

With regard to the domestic market and the supply of spare body parts to Polish repair shops, Auto-Elements deals with both genuine and aftermarket spare parts. Specific features of the Polish market, the requirements of Polish insurance companies and the way in which the European BER law has been interpreted here, causes a significant demand for aftermarket body parts in Poland. Therefore Auto-Elements keeps quite a lot of aftermarket body parts in stock but ensures their high quality.

However, with regard to international trade - Auto-Elements prefers to only deal with original parts: mainly with "genuine parts in genuine packaging" (OE) plus partly with OEM/OES parts from Tier-1 suppliers.
Why is this? Because only the OE/OEM/OES range guarantees unquestionable quality and the precise definition of a given reference: when you know the original part number then you really know the part and its quality. With aftermarket parts this is not the case.

In the international trade in OE/OEM/OES parts Auto-Elements is not limited to body parts - on the contrary, we are able to deliver wholesale quantities of any parts available on the official Polish original parts market: mechanical ones, technical ones, also body parts, genuine liquids, oils etc. including all fast movers (for more information see the "International Trade" bookmark on this Website).

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